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Gods Gorillas Mission is to Encourage Safety Everywhere, Promote Peace, and Uphold Our Rights of Enjoying Our Cities Culture Today. Even in the most Unlikely, Disfavored and Bad Reputation Areas.


We Have, and will Continue Curbing Violence with Our Incentives, Mentorships, Programs, Presence, Mental Health Training, Knowledge in Criminal Law, and Crime Prevention. We are an Organization of Individuals who Empathize with Impoverished Conditions and Mental Stressors of today’s Society.


We are the Guardian Angels on Our side of Town. Always Available to Feed and Clothe All in Need at Any Time. We formally Invite you and yours to our Peaceful Gatherings, and Social Events. Always Free Food & Drinks and whatever else is being advertised during time of an event.

"Don't Shoot, We Want To Live" 

Gloves Up Guns Down

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Our Story

Gods Gorillas Inc. NFP, Supports Growth and Achievements among the people of Inner-city Communities. We have Implemented Successful Strategies to help Communities Heal from Violent Acts, and Mental Trauma. We Counsel and give Aid to those Suffering Substance, Physical and Emotional Abuse. We offer Job Assistance, Resume building and Job Readiness Preparation.

A Nonprofit Organization that Actively Curbs Violence & Negative Influences in Surrounding Areas. We Defend the Defenseless and Discourage attacking others out of misguided emotions. (Anti-Bullying)

Enough similar Loss has been shared, now we all have Common Goals. (StopTheViolence)

Volunteers are Needed & Welcomed.


Help us Feed the Homeless and less fortunate in our Communities! Food Donations are Accepted of all Kinds. Send contact information for pick up or drop off Locations for any size donations. Text messages accepted.

(Be Safe) #GodsGorillas or @GodsGorillas on Social Media.

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Gorilla Events

Stand in the Gap

Gods Gorillas Inc. NFP is in the Business of Positively Changing and Shaping Lives of Youth & Adults. The work we do at Our Nonprofit Organization is Aimed at Providing a Cognitive approach to Solving some of Our Society’s Biggest Challenges of the Inner-cities. We make sure Our Associates and affiliates are Inspired and Empowered by Creating Opportunities for Growth and Development

Active in our Communities
Free Boxing Gloves and Hand Wraps. Free Lessons on Boxing Fundamental's 

Guns Down
Presents of Community

WE CARE Annual Holiday Gift and Supply Giveaways & More

Community Safety Events. Always engaging with communties creating Change from the inside

Peaceful Social Gatherings
Talent Shows and Music Venues. Indoor and Outdoor Activities for All 

“Every man is guilty of all the good he did not do”

- Voltaire

“Chicagoans Bless, Heal this City With & Through Us”

- Holyfield President of Gods Gorillas

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Change the Narrative Chicagoans!

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Feeding the Bud
Gods Gorillas
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Gods Gorillas
Gods Gorillas
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